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Delve Deeper Into Post-Pandemic Management Decision Making

As organizations adapt to a world reshaped by COVID-19Delve’s new website and podcast episodes shine a spotlight on new research-based insights 

Article written by: Saku Mantere 

Delve aims to inspire conversation and shift perspectives on some of the most consequential economic, social, and ecological topics of our time. As the Desautels Faculty of Management thought leadership publication, Delve seeks to accompany managers, decision makers, scholars, and students as they engage in managing organizations, ventures, partnerships, networks, governmental institutions, and numerous other organizational forms. Rather than comforting with easy answers or prescribing wisdom from the ivory tower of academia, Delve invites readers, listeners, and viewers to think with its experts about management.   

When crisis hit the world in March of 2020, organizations of all types faced a new set of challenges, sending even the most change-resistant organizations scrambling for solutions. Fast forward to the end of May 2021 and many of those solutions have resulted in radical change, causing organizations to examine, adjust, and rethink fundamental strategies that stand to reshape not only their future but the future of work, management, and entire economies. 

In the spirit of embracing such transformation, Delve expands its coverage of the latest in management thinking with the launch of its new website, Rich with insight on a wealth of management phenomena, this new site marks an evolution in how Delve shares the newest research and valuable insights of Desautels scholars and practitioners—especially relevant in a time of global crisis and rapid change.  

As the world emerges from the pandemic a changed place across all sectors and industries, Delve will continue to bridge academia and global organizations with the objective to stretch perspectives, spark ideas, and bring clarity to decision-makers. 

Alongside Delve’s award-winning 2021 magazine issue “The New Normal”, the new Delve website highlights three new episodes of the Delve podcast series “New Normal” hosted by journalist Dave Kaufman. In spring of 2021, the series featured Desautels professors Saibal Ray discussing vaccine procurement and distribution, Lisa Cohen on the impacts and inequalities of working from home, and Yu Ma on how shopping has changed in the past year. The three new podcast episodes highlight the insights of professors Patrick Augustin on pandemic-related insider trading by politicians and Samer Faraj on our overreliance on corporate tech behemoths. I also join the podcast to reflect on organizational change and resilience during the pandemic.  

In a time when news cycles show no indication of slowing down and decision makers face a barrage of conflicting information, Delve offers a unique form of access to comprehensive research grounded in real-world experience. As the past year has shown us, new solutions to a crisis don’t arise out of thin air; they emerge from a wealth of ongoing research that, as it turns out, has multiple creative applications when in the right hands. As we all navigate the post-pandemic era and beyond, Delve invites dialogue on the road ahead, driven by compelling, often unexpected insights. 

The Delve podcast can be heard—and subscribed to—on all major podcast listening platforms and Delve can be followed on LinkedInFacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube. 

Saku Mantere
Professor, Strategy & Organization
Editor-in-Chief, Delve

Article written by: Saku Mantere

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